The Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics | Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics

The Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics

The goal of the school is to bring together theoretical physicists of all levels who want to learn both Mathematica and a selected advanced research topic on Theoretical Physics. The courses on Mathematica will be given focusing on examples borrowed from the topic selected for each edition. 

Organization of the school:

Each day of the school is divided into four main components:

Theory. The day starts with a Theoretical Physics lecture by a world expert in the selected subject. This lecture sets the ground for the rest of the day and provides the participants with an overview of the subject, extremely important to motivate the other components of the school.

Mathematica Course. Next a lecture on Mathematica is given. The goal of these lectures is twofold: On the one hand to teach how to efficiently use Mathematica to tackle problems in theoretical physics; on the other hand to teach in some detail, and with the help of Mathematica, selected (advanced) topics related to the subject of the current edition.

Problem Solving. Most of the afternoon is devoted to problem solving, the most important component of the school. Each participant is given a set of at least three problems of ranked difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard) and is invited to pick (at least) one and try to solve it during the afternoon. This hands on approach to the subject is fundamental not only to learn Mathematica but also to efficiently absorb the physics topic presented during the morning. Monitors will walk around providing help both in physics and in Mathematica.

Participants’ talks. Since many of the participants are already proficient users of Mathematica there is also some space for some presentations by selected participants who volunteer to explain a particular usage of Mathematica encountered in their research activity.