Day 2 - Coordinate Bethe Ansatz | Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics

Day 2 - Coordinate Bethe Ansatz

Day 2 was dedicated to coordinate Bethe ansatz, the most known example of quantum integrability. Matthias Staudacher lecture described the coordinate Bethe ansatz method and in the Mathematica course it was explained how to implement kets, bras and quantum Hamiltonians in Mathematica. As an application the magnon S-matrix in the Heisemberg spin chain was derived and scattering factorization was checked. The exercises covered the generalization of the SU(2) spin chain Hamiltonian to the SU(1,1) and the SU(1|1) magnets, which also appear in the context of N=4 SYM, the numerical solution of Bethe equations and the check of completeness of Bethe ansatz for two magnon states.

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Day 2 - Solution - Completeness check for 2 magnon BA solutions.pdf .nb23.93 KB