3rd edition (2011) - Scattering Amplitudes and AdS/CFT

The third edition of the Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics was held at  Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Canada from July 31st to August 6th 2011. The school was inserted into a three week long program on Exact Results on Gauge/Gravity dualities. Click here for more details, downloadable poster here. The subject of the school was Scattering Amplitudes and AdS/CFT. The most recent developments of this very exciting field were presented in the morning by means of theory and applied lectures while the afternoon was devoted to Mathematica problem solving. See the previous editions material and description for a taste. 

Below is the schedule and the links to the lectures' videos.

Organizers and Lecturers include

- Jake Bourjaily 
- Freddy Cachazo
- Miguel Costa
- Nikolay Gromov
- Johannes Henn
- Joao Penedones
- Radu Roiban
- Amit Sever
- David Skinner
- Cristian Vergu
- Pedro Vieira