6th edition (2014) - Selected Topics in Holography

The last edition of the Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics took place in Porto, Portugual, from the 21st to the 26th of July of 2014. The school was devoted to selected topics in holography. This event was part of a longer program/school taking place in July in Portugal. See here for more information. Lecturers:

  • Simone Giombi (Princeton University, US)
  • Nikolay Gromov (Kings College, UK)
  • Jason Harris (Wolfram Research, US)
  • Pedro Vieira (Perimeter Institute, CAN)
  • Toby Wiseman (Imperial College, UK)
  • Laurence Yaffe (University of Washington, US)

(see attachment for group photo)

School Group Photo.JPG3.28 MB