4th edition (2012) - Integrability and Super Yang-Mills

This year the Mathematica Summer School for Theoretical Physics will be held in Brasil from November 5 to November 16 at the ICTP-SAIFR. The school will be slightly different compared to the previous editions: There will be more lectures per lecturer and the school will last 2 weeks. As such, there will be more time for the more theoretical/physical aspects. The selected topic for this edition is Correlation Functions in Supersymmetric Yang-Mills and Integrability. For more details and registration go here. The lecturers will be

Konstantin Zarembo - Nordita Institute (Stockholm)
Introduction to Integrability and super-Yang-Mills

Romuald Janik - Jagellonian Univ. (Krakow)
Integrability and AdS-CFT

Jason Harris - Wolfram Research

Nikolay Gromov - King’s College (London)
Symbolic Computations in super-Yang-Mills and Integrability I

Pedro Vieira - Perimeter Institute (Waterloo)
Symbolic Computations in super-Yang-Mills and Integrability II

Gregory Korchemsky - Inst. de Phys. Theorique (Saclay)
Correlation Functions in super-Yang-Mills