Day 4 - Symmetry and S-matrices | Mathematica Summer School on Theoretical Physics

Day 4 - Symmetry and S-matrices

Day 4 was dedicated to Symmetry and S-matrices. Matthias Staudacher explained the relevant symmetry super algebra of AdS/CFT needed to describe the Hilbert space of the theory. In the Mathematica course it was explained how to use Mathematica to constrain the 2-particle S-matrix using both Yang-Baxter and symmetry. The exercises covered the connection between the Hubbard model and N=4 SYM, the Bethe ansatz 2 loop solution vs the direct spin chain Haniltonian diagonalizatiom, the S-matrix of the SO(n) sigma model and the AdS/CFT SU(2|2) S-matrix (also discussed in the lecture)

Day 4 - Lecture - Relativistic S-matrices and Yang-Baxter.pdf82.01 KB
Day 4 - Lecture, exercise and solution - The SU(2|2) AdS:CFT S-matrix.nb295.25 KB
Day 4 - Exercise - The SO(n) S-matrix from Yang-Baxter.pdf88.18 KB
Day 4 - Exercise - 2 Loop Bethe ansatz vs direct diagonalization.pdf70.4 KB
Day 4 - Exercise - Lieb-Wu vs BDS equations.pdf79.39 KB
Day 4 - Solution - The SO(n) S-matrix from Yang-Baxter.nb12.66 KB
Day 4 - Solution - 2 loop Bethe ansatz vs direct diagonalization.nb40.71 KB
Day 4 - Solution - Lieb-Wu vs BDS equations.nb319.07 KB